About Us

BOLT HEADBiodun Omosaku Learning Technologies (BOLT) is an accelerated learning outfit founded by Dr Biodun Omosaku, the Brain Coach.

BOLT have over the years been able to help thousands of students and teachers with our different programs by organizing training workshops for teachers and learners.

At Biodun Omosaku Learning Technologies (BOLT), we carry out technical research and studies on learning and teaching methods. We publish helpful materials for both teachers and the learners.

Through our materials, books and intervention programs, we have been able to touch many students’ lives in Nigeria and other African Countries. Our learning solutions are based on latest researches and findings in Neuro-linguistic programming, multiple intelligences and Quantum learning.

About Dr Biodun Omosaku, the Brain Coach and founder of BOLT

Dr Biodun Omosaku the Brain Coach is a Cognitive Psychologist, a best seller author.

Dr Biodun Omosaku the Brain CoachSince 2013 Dr Biodun has touched lives of thousands of people in Nigeria and other African countries through his programs, seminars, works and online trainings.

Dr Biodun Omosaku the Brain Coach is the creator of live transformation programs such as the Learning Mastery Holiday Seminar for students, and Different Brain Enhancement Seminars for Parents and Teachers.

As a passionate Educationist, Biodun Has taught thousands of Teachers the whole brain approach to teaching. He has alo helped thousands of ordinary children achieve extraordinary feats in learning with his cutting edge learning techniques that are based on the latest findings in the neuro-linguistic programming, multiple intelligences and quantum learning.

He has worked with over 150 schools, University, Multi-national Corporation and States’ Ministries of Education in the area of leadership, communication and the psychology of success.

Dr Biodun Omosaku the Brain Coach -Awards

In 2015, the Joint Christian Campus Fellowship of Mooshod Abiola Polytechnics gave Dr Biodun the Eminent Award for Excellence and In 2017 he was offered a Doctorate Degree by the prestigious Iscom University for his contributions to educational development in Nigeria and Africa in general.

Dr Biodun Omosaku the Brain Coach -Books

Dr Biodun has authored over 10 best seller books that include; I am not a Dullard, and No One is, Distinction Students (7 Techniques to Become an Outstanding Student), Brain Booster (20 Techniques to Engage the Right Brain Learners More), Mathematics Tricks, The Whiz Kids etc.

His books have been translated into 3 languages and have sold over thousands of copies worldwide. He has been featured in many media and newspaper in Nigeria.