The Whiz Kid

The Whiz Kid by Dr. Biodun OmosakuThe Whiz Kid by Dr. Biodun Omosaku teaches HOW TO IDENTIFY AND NURTURE YOUR CHILD’S MULTIPLE INTELLIENCES.

The Whiz Kid by Dr. Biodun Omosaku provides teachers and parents with A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR PARENTS OF 10 YEARS OLDS AND BELOW.

Researches have shown that No child succeeds in life with only “school” intelligence. Every Child Needs a Combination of four out of the nine known intelligences to succeed in Life. -Dr Biodun Omosaku, the Brain Coach.

How to Develop Kid’s Multiple Intelligences?

In The Whiz Kid by Dr. Biodun Omosaku, the Brain Coach, you will discover;

  • Different kinds of intelligences your child is endowed with
  • How to identify, measure and nurture your child’s intelligence in each areas
  • Your Child’s natural blends of intelligence and how you can channel your efforts into shaping them
  • The fact that your child is not doing well in Maths is not an indication that he will fail in life. Find out The truth and the myth about over-rated school Intelligence.
  • Discover amazing strategies to bring out your child’s intelligence at a tender age etc

How to Order The Whiz Kid?

The Whiz Kid by Dr. Biodun Omosaku, among other best selling books from BOLT, is available in hard and soft copies across popular online platforms like Amazon, Jumia Books and Okadabooks.

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About the Author of The Whiz Kid

Dr. Biodun Omosaku, the author of The Whiz Kid , was once a victim of wrong teaching method. He almost left school thinking he was stupid not knowing that it was the school system that was not bringing out the greatness in him.

Dr. Biodun Omosaku,  is a strong advocate for change in Education system Nigeria to accommodate modern teaching methodologies that will better deliver knowledge right brain learners.

He Holds a PhD in cognitive Psychology, an Associate Member of many professional bodies in Nigeria including Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria CIPMN, Nigeria Institute of Training and Development NITAD.