I am gifted program



Being a genius is not an inborn trait reserved for a few privileged ones, every child has the potential to achieve extra ordinary result with right encouragement, mind-set and learning Strategies. This program is predicated upon this principle.

Over the years, we have been able to help ordinary students achieve extra ordinary results through our various intervention programs that help students to discover and unleash their full brain potentials.

With this program, scoring straight ‘A‘s shall become a natural occurrence for your students because they would have mastered the techniques and strategies to produce academic results.

This program and its principles are rooted in Neuro-linguistic programming, multiple intelligences and quantum learning.

Known under different names at different places, this program has become quite popular in Europe, America, United Kingdom and Asia.

Benefits of the Program
This program usually result in overall Exceptional performance of the students (Grade ‘A’ students)

Our Request
In line with your school’s vision towards attainment of academic excellence, we hereby request to partner with you in our “I AM GIFTED PROGRAM”, an intervention program to assist students optimize their brain potentials.

This program can be adopted as:

  • A fully integrated program
  • Collapsed Modules Intervention
  • Special Intervention Program

Fully Integrated Program
This is where our Eight weeks modules shall be integrated into your normal school curriculum and our faculties/school representative shall take them at the agreed time/period.

Collapsed Modules Intervention
This is an arrangement in which, the eight weeks modules are collapsed into 3 sessions of visit to your school within a term.

Special Intervention classes
This is our special class for slow learners, highly distracted students and those who need special attention e.g. Final classes- pry 4 and 5, Jss III and SSIII.

Our Promise of Value
At the end of our intervention, we promise to deliver a set of students;

  • who are fused with knowledge and equipped with skills to achieve outstanding results at all levels
  • Who understands the dynamics of brain functioning and how to stimulate their own brains for optimal performance.
  • Who knows and are ready to apply cutting edge learning strategies in achieving academic excellence
  • Who are self motivated and determined to produce exceptional results. Students that need no one to coerce or force them to study.
  • That uses time appropriately etc

Post Program Evaluation
At the end of each term, we shall conduct post program/intervention evaluation where their current positions can be compared with how we met them (pre-evaluation). A report based on this evaluation shall be generated on every student.
Our Methodology
We use “accelerated learning” techniques that allow students to learn faster and remember more of what they learn. The key is involvement. We believe what you hear, you forget; what you see, you remember; WHAT YOU DO, YOU UNDERSTAND.