Discover 3 Learning Acceleration Strategies That Have Turn Many Ordinary Children to Extraordinary. 

Every Child Must Be Exposed to These Strategies

If you are a parent and you are reading this, this is going to be one of the most important pieces of information that you have ever read about how to help your child to Excel in learning.

I want to show you three Learning Acceleration Strategies you need to show your child to attain the top level in his study with fewer efforts.

If your child is in a boarding school, you need to find a way to get this across to him or her fast. I want to give you three strategies that will impact their performance within weeks.

Imagine the joy you will have if your child will come home with a report card showing over 300% improvement in performance. Well, this is what will happen to your child with these 3 strategies that I want to show you now. Every child that has ever used these strategies recorded sharp improvements in performance.


For instance Samantha Imafidon was taught the strategies that I want to show you when she was just 9 years old, The young girl rode on the  strategies and she set a world record when she passed Cambridge University Maths exams.  

She passed an exam that is usually written by 16 years old children at 9 by using the strategies that I want to show you now.  



One powerful strategy to quickly excel in learning is to leverage technology. If your child is not leveraging technology in his learning, he is missing out.

Technology has made life easier for us in all areas of life and education is not an exemption. 

If you have a toddler who is trying to learn Maths, simply go to Google play store and download games on any Maths topic your child wants to learn.

And if your child is a secondary school student, there are many sites that have turned learning to fun for children.

I used a site called mangahigh to bring out the latent Maths genius in my highly kinesthetic daughter when she was in JSS2. I introduced her to this Maths site that makes her play games with Maths. Within two weeks, my daughter became addicted to the site and she fell in love with Maths.

In my book, The Making of a Distinction Student, I wrote a whole chapter on how your child can leverage technology to excel in learning. I reveal some powerful sites your child can use to have an edge in learning.

I will give you access to download this book at the end of this article


One major problem most students have is forgetfulness, particularly during the examination tension.

Working with students, many of them​ told me that everything they read the night before the examination day would mysteriously fizzle out from their brain once they set their eyes on the exam papers. Why does this happen? Because these children have not been taught how to memorize.

The current educational system only teaches children how to cram. What you cram usually stay at the short memory in the brain while what you memorize goes directly into your long-term memory.

This accounts for why we all forget things. Even as adults, why do you forget the name of a person that was introduced to you just yesterday while you can still recall some events that happened to you many years ago?

Why does your brain behave differently in the two situations?

Well, it’s because the name went to short-term memory when the person was introduced to you. And the many years ago event that you can’t forget went to your long-term memory when it happened because of what is linked and associated with the event.

You can give your child an advantage in learning by exposing him or her to memory techniques.

When a child knows how to memorize learning concepts, he will be able to study once and never forget again. This involves, the use of link and association. I wrote a whole chapter on Memory Techniques in my book, The Making of a DISTINCTION STUDENT.

I will give you access to this book at the end of this article.


Have you wondered why most top students have time for other things like being the president of their fellowship or sport and yet still top their class? Well, it’s because they have a secret that enables them to reduce their study materials by 80%. Whopping 80%!  

Where other students need to study 16 pages on a topic to prepare for an exam, top students will only need to study about 3 pages and they will understand better. This is the power of a personalized note.

This was the strategy Samantha Imafidon (that I told you about earlier in this article) used to ace Maths Exam and to set a world record. You also can expose your child to this technique and give him or her an edge in learning.

Your child can have access to 7 powerful learning acceleration techniques from my book, The Making of a DISTINCTION STUDENT.

These Acceleration Learning strategies can make a huge difference in your child’s learning experience.

Endeavour to expose him or her to these strategies now. It works like a magic.

To Your Success, 


The Brain Coach




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