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Unconfirmed news of an excellent performance of One Miss Abubakah Faizah Sani a student of Olumawu College Wuse, Abuja spread across Facebook last week after the release of May/June 2016 West African Senior School Certificate Examination.

The news had it that Faizah made nine A1 in all the subjects she sat for in the examination as follows:


The big question is, can any child produce this kind of result or is it an exclusive feat achievable by a few students?

Researchers have indicated that some children were born with exceptional abilities to produce exceptional results with little efforts. For example, Beethoven was born with an extraordinary gift of playing music. He could actually make good music even without ever learning how to read music notes. Yes! Some children are born with a photographic memory for learning. However, these ‘born geniuses’ are very few in number.

Studies upon studies have indicated that most children who have produced great academic results are not born intelligent, but they are ordinary children who have learned the science and the act of doing well in their studies.

It is not a theory I am discussing here. As a brain coach, I have seen and worked with many children who were thought to be dullards and whose performance have drastically changed for better within months of working with them. A good example is Emmanuel, a student of Chemline Academy, Ikeja, Lagos. Emannuel was taking the bottom position in his class when we took him on. Within two terms, Emmanuel started to top his class. Emmanuel finished secondary school with Four A1 and Five Bs.

Let me state it unequivocally, every child can make NINE A1.

All it takes is a right belief, inner motivation, encouragement, and SMART STRATEGIES. With the right motivation and smart learning strategies, any child can make Nine A1 in his exams.


When you look at the human brain, the maker made it in such a way that anyone and everyone can excel in anything. Not only the colour is the same for all human being irrespective of the colours of their skin, the human brain is made of the same number of cells otherwise called neurons with same terrific capacity for learning.

Producing Great Academic Results has Little or Nothing To Do With The School Your Child Attends

The difference in performance is as a result of wrong mindsets, poor inner motivation and the use of ineffective learning strategies. Let me tell you, producing great academic result has little or nothing to do with the school a child attends or how hard working a child is. Without right strategies, unwavering belief in themselves, and SMART LEARNING STRATEGIES, no child can produce an outstanding result.

Parents Have Roles to Play

We have found out that behind every successful child, there is a father, mother or a teacher (an encourager) who knows exactly the right things to do to help the child unleash his latent brain potentials.

This was the knowledge Professor Imafidion has that enabled him to raise his four children to be able to produce extraordinary results. His daughter, Samantha Imafidion set a world record when she passed University of Cambridge Foundations of Advanced Maths examination with the highest grade when she was just 9 years old. It may interest you to know that Samantha is not a born genius. she is a made genius. All thanks to her father.

Their father taught the same principles to Samantha’s younger brothers, Peter and Paul. The boys broke Samantha’s record when they were barely 6 years old.

When a parent knows what to do to raise a brilliant child, success becomes inevitable for the child.

Knowing exactly what to do to help our children to bring out the best in them requires us to study those who have raised successful children in the past. People like Professor Imafidion, Mrs. Carson etc. Success usually leaves a footprint, if you follow their footprint, you will achieve what they achieved.

You don’t even have to go through the stress of studying them again. I have done that for you. I have taken the time to study the lives of great parents that have nurtured ordinary children to be able to produce extraordinary results. I studied over 100 of them and I have documented common features and strategies they used in my book 6 KEYS TO RAISING A BRILLIANT CHILD. You can visit our SHOP section now, and the report shall be yours.

The Child Also Has Roles to Play

It is not only the parents that have roles to play in raising an extremely brilliant child who can produce outstanding results. The Child also has roles to play. And most importantly is the STRATEGY a child adopts in learning. Strategy determines the height a student can ever attain in his studies.

Join me in Part two of this discourse when I shall discuss the roles your child need to play if he or she wants to produce an outstanding result and Learning Strategies that can make your child nine A1.

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I am a Neuro-Linguistic Specialist, Success Coach, mentor, and a Cognitive Psychologist. I have chosen to use my training and expertise to help others to become the very best they are created to be through my publications, seminars, books, and videos.


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