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It is holiday time again!

Many people think a holiday period is a period to break away from studying. They feel the holiday period is a time for the children to catch their fun. Do you know why they feel this way? Because they see learning and studying as a burden in the first place.

Well, the word “fun” is subjective. It depends on what you and your child attributed fun to. However, from my experience, I have found out that brilliant students cannot do away from studying because that is the way they catch their fun.

Average and below-average students, however, attribute learning and studying to stress and burden. They want to avoid it as much as possible. That is why they can do away with study during the weekend and holiday periods.

As parents, it is our responsibilities to help our children to have the right perception about learning and studying generally. Our children should develop their joy and fun from studying and getting to learn new facts.

Here are 3 effective ways to engage our children during this holiday period.

  1. Address Weak Subjects And Topics

The holiday period is a great time for your children to address their weak areas as indicated by their report cards. In any subject they score less than 80%, we need to find out what the issue was and how to address it. A problem that is not addressed will remain and may get worse.

  1. Build on Their Strengths

We need to also help them get better in their strong areas. We should not just be contented with “good” when they can be better. We need to take them further in their strong areas. Remember, the enemy of better is good.

  1. Teach Them The “Missing Subjects”

There are some important life skills that are not being taught in schools. Holiday period provides you the great opportunity to expose your children to these skills. For instance, Emotional intelligence has been found to be more important to success in life than the intelligence quotient. No school is teaching this as a course or subject. The holiday period is a great time to teach your children missing courses like emotional stability, financial intelligence, Attitude 101, communication, etc.

These are what we expose children to in our Holiday seminars. Your child needs to join us for this Holiday program.

Lagos  –  21 and 22 August 2019

Abuja  – 28 and August 2019

Our Children can make more out of their holiday period if it is well scheduled and used.

To your success

Biodun Omosaku.

the Brain Coach

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I am a Neuro-Linguistic Specialist, Success Coach, mentor, and a Cognitive Psychologist. I have chosen to use my training and expertise to help others to become the very best they are created to be through my publications, seminars, books, and videos.


  1. james
    May 20, 2018

    Definately a hope for d future. An advantage for a better future for our kids.

  2. Adojo PS Adojo
    August 1, 2019

    Inspired and want to know more about your programme in Abuja

  3. Mrs Okeze
    August 2, 2019

    Where is the venue for Abuja and time?
    Also what are the applicable fees?


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