21 Aug

The Right Use of Holiday Period


Most children are on holiday now. Many have traveled to other locations to enjoy their holiday. Many are attending one coaching or the other while many are simply sitting back at home to enjoy their favorite food and TV programs.

Most children and parents alike see the holiday period as a time to take a break from study.  That is why you will see children do and enjoy every other thing but studying during the holiday period. In this article, I want us to examine the right use of the holiday period.

First, Let me correct the wrong notion most people hold about the school holiday period. Most people believe it’s time for the children to take a rest from studying.

Nothing can be further from the truth than this notion. The human brain does not require such a break. The human brain works like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. And when it is not put to use, it becomes weakened.

For your child’s brain to make more neuro-connectivity (that determines intelligence), he or she needs to constantly put the brain to more use. Get it right, the brain does not require any rest. That is why it is still working even when you are sleeping. The brain performs better when it is well stimulated. It releases it best when it is well challenged.

Yes! The holiday period is a time of break from the regimented school activities. It is a time of relaxation to do things at their own pace rather than following the rules as provided by schools. It is however not a total “break away from the study” period as most people think.


It is a period to relax and address your weak areas –topics and subjects. From studies, it has been established that only average and below-average students usually break away from the study during the holiday period, top students usually make use of the holiday period to address their weak areas – topics or subjects.



Let me give you a specific example. Tolulope Falokun made nine A1 in 2011 West Africa Examination Council (WAEC). This is what she said was her secret; “I prayed and worked hard, using my timetable as a guide. I denied myself many things, especially social events. I made the sacrifice because I knew there would be ample time for all that after my education. I take extra lessons DURING HOLIDAYS and I am always reading even during festivities like Christmas and Easter”

I want you to learn from Tolu. First-class students usually pay first-class attention to their studies.

“But Won’t the rest?” I guess many parents will reason.

To answer this rhetorical question, let me tell you about the two forces that determine what we do (and enjoy) and what we avoid.

We relax with a cup of juice and probably watch our favorite TV program because we have defined to our mind that, that is the way to relax and enjoy. We have trained our brains to link enjoyment to drinking juice and watching TV. So, anytime you are doing this, you feel you are relaxing.

The reality is that no activity is painful or pleasurable on its own. It all depends on what we have conditioned our minds to link the activity to – Pain or Pleasure.

So, what your children do or avoid during the holiday time is a function of what they have linked pleasure and pain with.

We have found out that successful students have learned to link studying to pleasure and not studying to pain. That is why they find it easy to study during the holiday period. Even though they traveled on holiday, their books are with them. They can’t do without studying because they have linked studying with pleasure. They catch their fun by studying and mastering new concepts.

However, less effective children have chosen to link studying to pain which is why they will avoid it like a plague. They have linked avoiding study to pleasure. They derived their joy in what they have linked pleasure with- Facebooking, Walking around with friends, Watching TV, playing computer games, etc.

The question is, What Has Your Child Linked Pleasure With?

It is not difficult to know…

How does he spend his time?

What does he or she enjoy doing?- Studying or watching TV?

As parents, we need to teach our children to wisely choose what they link to pleasure or pain. They should learn to link pleasure with any activity that will move their lives forward and take them closer to the attainment of their goals in life. This will not only help them in their studies, but it will also help them in other phases of their lives.

In conclusion, the best use to which a child can put the holiday period is to use it to address his weak courses, topics, and subjects. This is what top students do during the holiday. Academic success is no longer achieved by hard work, it’s now more about SMART strategies.  This is why we have packaged Holiday Learning Mastery Pack for Your Child. If your child scored less than 90% in any of his or her subjects in the last exam, you need to get this pack for your child immediately.

With this pack, your child will be able to overcome any learning challenges he or she may have. The Pack contains my best 5 Solutions that have brought out latent geniuses in many children that have used them in the past.


What are your thoughts about this article?

Please let’s hear your view by dropping a comment below.

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I am a Neuro-Linguistic Specialist, Success Coach, mentor, and a Cognitive Psychologist. I have chosen to use my training and expertise to help others to become the very best they are created to be through my publications, seminars, books, and videos.

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