21 Aug

Holiday Period



The students are on holiday. Many have traveled to other locations to enjoy their holiday. Many are attending summer coaching while many are simply sitting back at home to eat and enjoy their favorite TV programs.

Most children and parents alike see holiday period as a “break away from study” period. That is why you see children do and enjoy every other thing but studying during the holiday period. In this discussion, I want us to examine the right use of the holiday period.

Let me first correct the wrong notion most people hold about holidays. Yes! The holiday period is a time of break from the regimented school activities. It is a time of relaxation to do things at your own pace rather than following the rules as provided by schools. It is however not a “break away from study” period as most people think.

The holiday period is certainly not a “break away from study” period. It is a period to relax and address your weak areas –topics and subjects. From studies, it has been established that only average and below average students usually break away from studying during the holiday period. First class students usually make use of holiday period to address their weak areas – topics or subjects.



Let me give you a specific example. Tolulope Falokun made nine A1 in 2011 West Africa Examination Council (WAEC). This is what she said was her secret; “I prayed and worked hard, using my timetable as a guide. I denied myself many things, especially social events. I made the sacrifice because I knew there would be ample time for all that after my education. I take extra lessons DURING HOLIDAYS and I am always reading even during festivities like Christmas and Esther”

The human brain works like a muscle, the more usage it is put, the stronger it becomes. And when it is not put to use, it becomes weakened. For your child’s brain to make more neuro-connectivity (that determines intelligence), he or she needs to put it into more use.

Get it right, the brain does not require any rest. That is why it is still working even when you are sleeping. The brain performs better when it is well stimulated. It releases it best when it is well challenged.

“Won’t they rest?” I guess many parents will reason. To answer this rhetorical question, let me tell you about the two forces that determine what we do (and enjoy) and what we avoid.

We relax with a cup of juice and probably watch our favorite TV program because we have defined to our mind that, that is the way to relax and enjoy. We have linked enjoyment to drinking juice and watching TV.

The reality is that no activity is painful or pleasurable on its own. It all depends on what we have conditioned our mind to link the activity to; pain or pleasure.

So, what your children do or avoid during the holiday time is a function of what they have linked pleasure and pain with. We have found out that successful students have learned to link pleasure with studying and pain with not studying.

That is why they find it easy to study during the holiday period. Even though they traveled on holiday, their books are with them. They can’t do without studying because they have linked studying with pleasure. They catch their fun by studying and mastering new concepts.

However, less effective children have chosen to link pain with studying and a lot of pleasure with avoiding studying. They find their joy in what they have linked pleasure with- Facebooking, Watching TV, playing computer game etc.

The question is what has your child linked pleasure with? It is not difficult to know. How does he spend his time? What does he or she enjoy doing? Studying or watching TV?

As parents, we need to teach our children to wisely choose what they link pleasure or pain with. They should learn to link pleasure with any activity that will move their lives forward and take them closer to the attainment of their goals in life.

Another important use to which holiday period can be put is to stimulate their less dominant brain side. The human brain is divided into two hemispheres – the right and the left brain.  Every child tilts toward one side than the other. Successful learning requires the involvement of both sides of the brain in the learning process. This is what is called whole brain learning. This is the secret of becoming a genius. This is well explained in my best sellers’ book; I AM NOT A DULLARD AND NO ONE IS. You can click and get a copy for your child from our online store.

To stimulate the left side of the brain if the left side of the brain is your child’s less dominant side, let your child attend summer coaching classes where the emphasis is usually on the left side brain functions-Maths, Language, logics, sequential things etc.

To stimulate the right side of the brain if the right side of the brain is your child’s less dominant side, let your child attend, art classes, music classes, or engage in anything that will spur his or her creativity.

When both sides of your child’s brain are well charged, great performance becomes inevitable.

In this speech, I have clarified the misconception about holidays. It is not a break away from study period but a period to address gray areas and difficult topics and subjects. I also discussed how our children can fall in love with learning by carefully choosing what they link pleasure and pain with. And lastly, I showed you another powerful use a holiday period can be put- to stimulating the less dominant brain area.

I hope you have picked one point or the other, if you have, please let us spread this to other parents. We need one hundred thousand parents to be on this forum within six months. Let us do it together.

To your success



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