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For The Past Years, The Only People Who’ve Had Access To These Advanced Magnetic Selling Secrets Was A Small, Closed-Door Group Of Marketers  (With A LOT Of Cash) Who Used Them To Build their Businesses  — Without All The Tedious “Grunt Work” Everyone Else Was Being Taught To Do. 

Now, For The First Time Ever, I want to Throw The Knowledge Open To Everyone Who Wants to Take Their Lives and Businesses to The Next Level.


“If You’re One Of The Business People Who’s Still Using the Traditional Marketing and Sales Methods, … How Do You Plan To Keep Up With Those Who Have Learned The Magnetic Selling System That Draws Hundreds – Even Thousands – Of Pre-Sold Customers To Come To Them (Without Having To Spend Hours Running After Customers? )”

Find Out A Selling Secret Most Internet Gurus Don’t Want You to Know About: Why You Don’t Need To Chase Customers About To Buy Your Products or Service … How To Have Prospects Lining Up For Your Business Instead…

… And Why The Traditional Out-Dated Methods Are Literally Self-Sabotaging Your Success.

Date: Monday, March 03, 2020
To: All Those Who Have Products or Service to Sell
From: DR. Biodun Omosaku


Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a couple of questions… and be honest when you answer them.

1: Do you hate hunting people around to buy your products or services?

2: Are you tired of appearing like a beggar in an attempt to sell your products or services?

3: Are you sick of waiting, praying and hoping that sales will be better the next day?

4: Have you been in the business for some months now without seeing any real, significant results? (Some will tell you it’s a phase in business but I tell you, this can be avoided… )

If you went through this list of questions and answered “yes” to one or more of them… you need to pay very careful attention to every word in this letter because…

You see, the odds are very good that you’re banging your head against a wall right now trying to market and sell your products or services.

Just imagine what things would be like for you if…

  • Rather than spending your time pursuing people who are not interested in your products or services, you have pre-qualified prospects coming to you asking you for more information about your products or services.

  • What if instead of being viewed as some hungry businessman desperately trying to sell his or her product, people actually respected your opinion and valued your advice?

  • How will it make you feel to wake up every morning, check your google mailbox, and find a fresh new batch of emails waiting for your response?

  • What would you give to have people chat you on WhatsApp constantly saying: “Hey, how can I order for your products?”

  • What would that be worth to your business? Wouldn’t that dramatically accelerate your results?

I tell you, it would.

And all it takes is a simple shift in strategy.

Discover How You Can Tap Into the Terrific Power of the Internet to Sell Anything and Make Unimaginable Amount of Money in Income


Find Out the Secrets That Turn Ideas to Millions of Naira within Weeks



My name is Biodun Omosaku. I am the popular Neuro-Linguistic Specialist and the author of the famous book; MATHEMATICS TRICKS and Fifteen Other Books.

Before I discovered Magnetic Selling System, I was a struggling businessman. I would jump from one business to another with little or no success to show for my efforts

When I wrote my first book, I would practically move from one bookshop to another, begging shop owners to allow me to showcase my book on a “sales or return” basis. I was selling the book for N500 then and it wasn’t even selling.

With the discovery of the Magnetic Selling System, I sell the same book for N2,500 today without having to beg anyone to buy from me. We have sold well over 7,000 copies of the book now, When I started seeing mind-blowing results, I quickly wrote more books. You may have bought my materials too before. You Can CLICK HERE to see some of my books

Magnetic Selling Techniques increased my popularity. I started receiving calls from all over the nation even America and Europe to buy my materials.

I moved from being a nonentity who goes about begging shop owners to an award-winning author, radio, and television regular guest. This is the impact the Magnetic Marketing System can make upon anyone’s business or life.

And you can do the exact thing and probably even a lot faster than I did.

You see, I could have reached all my goals a long, long time ago had someone showed me this shocking (and somewhat disturbing) secrets…


The formula for success has changed. You can’t rely on the strategies used ten or twenty years ago to produce success in this internet age.

The advent of the internet has opened a whole new door of opportunities to make massive money from all over the world.

The only person that has no right to make money in this new global economy is a person who has nothing to sell – Skills or Products.    

Let me repeat it again; 

The only person that has no right to make money in this new global economy is a person who has nothing to sell. 

To make money, there must be something you are selling (product/service/skills) in exchange for money.

It could be your own products, your skills or service. You can as well strike a deal with another person to sell his product for a cut of the profit.

Anyhow, there must be something you are selling.



How much money you can make is a function of the number of people who have the need for your products/services.

If your product or service provides a solution to the problem large numbers of people have, you will make a huge amount of money, you will be regarded as valuable to a large number of people and you will be able to make a large amount of money and vice versa.

The more people that are, who have the need for your products or services you offer, the more people you will be able to sell to and make a huge amount of money and vise versa.

Making money is easy if you know how to… 

Money is nothing but a reward you get for meeting needs or providing solutions to peoples’ problems.

Money has a predictable character; it flows in the direction of needs. Good enough, human needs are endless. You know what that means, endless possibilities to make money for those who know how to.

  • People are hungry, provide them with good food and you will make money.

  • People are looking for the solution to one health issue or the other, provide them a solution and you will make money.

  • People are looking for faster and better ways of doing things, meet their needs and you will make money.

  • People are looking for ways to end their frustrations, pains, and challenges, provide them the solution in terms of your services or products.

Let me share my own experience with you – How I got what I sell on the internet …

I know that many children have challenges with Mathematics.

The problem is not limited to Nigerian children alone. Children in Ghana, South Africa, Australia, Canada, the United States of America and the rest of the world have similar challenges.

This is a huge need!

I sought knowledge on how to solve this problem and packaged it into videos and eBooks.

I then leveraged on the power of the Magnetic Selling System to get parents all over the world to hunt me down and beg me to sell the videos and the books to them.

I honestly do not think my product is the best in the whole world but The Magnetic Selling System has made the difference in my results. It draws an unimaginable number of parents all over the world to my products.

The same strategy I used to draw parents to my products is what we want to teach you in our Magnetic Selling System WhatsAppTraining Program

We want to show you how you can leverage the MSS system to get huge numbers of people chasing you down to buy whatever product or service you have to sell.

  • Do you have a product or service you know should have made you good money but has not?

  • Do you have a solution to a particular problem or ailment people have?

  • Do you have an idea you have been wondering how to turn into money?

  • Are you really good at what you do but No One is Engaging You?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, I believe you’ll find this Training to be the best investment you’ve ever made… because you are going to be empowered beyond what you have ever thought.

The Magnetic Selling System Will Revolutionize Everything About You And The Way You Do Business.

There is a secret to selling.

It was this secret I discovered that changed everything about my business.

And I am going to give you the secret here and now.

You know why? Because, even if you don’t get to enroll for this course, I want you to get better at anything you are doing for the mere fact that you have visited my site.

The Secret is… Getting the Customer to Come to You First!

And when you can do this… EVERYTHING changes. I mean everything.

The entire dynamics of your business will change – Your attitude… your results… your approach… everything!

I really don’t think you have grasped the point. Let me explain a little more.

It is a whole lot different when it is the customer that finds you and not the other way round.

Sales fall into your hands like a ripe apple when it is the customers who are going through one pain or the other that are chasing after you to sell your solution to them.

Sales will, however, become a war when you (the seller) are the ones chasing after the customers. And this is what most people do.

You see, who finds who first is an important factor in selling.

As long as you are the one chasing after customs, the whole thing is doomed to failure from the start.

The Magnetic Selling System is an automated sales and marketing system that draws to you a humongous number of people who have the exact needs for which your products or Skills provide solution.

With an automated marketing machine that does all the preliminary “sifting and sorting” for you and ensures that you only end up with the best customers who has a dire need for what you sell… you can sell anything and become successful very quickly. I mean regardless of what product or service

Let me break it down a little bit more for you and I want you to set the power of your imagination in motion.

Suppose you know a slimming tea that could help obese people lose weight that you could sell for just N5000.

I mean ‘sure product’!

Imagine that you are able to get three thousand (3000) obese people into a hall to make a presentation to them about your new product

You came all out to make a convincing presentation to a group of frustrated obese people who are desperately looking for a solution.

As a matter of fact, you came to the hall with five people who have lost significant pounds of weight by using your product.

Now, let me ask you, how many people among these three thousand frustrated obese people will buy the pill?

Did you say over two thousand 2000?

Yes, I agree with you because you made a presentation to an exact group of people who have a need that your product can solve. Many of them will surely buy it.

If two thousand 2000 of them bought your tea at N5000, that is Ten Million Naira (N10m) for you.

Now imagine if you are able to get thirty thousand (30,000) obese people.

Just obese people into a mini-stadium and you make the same powerful presentation to them. You showcased your five people who have used your product and have lost humongous pounds of weight.

Don’t forget, these are thirty thousand (30,000) frustrated obese people who are desperately looking for solutions to their problem. I put it to you, how many of them do you think will buy this your product? Did you say twenty thousand (20,000) people?

If twenty thousand (20,000) out of the thirty thousand (30,000) obese people in that meeting bought your tea for Five Thousand Naira (N5,000), that is One Billion Naira for you.

You know what, this can happen within one week with Magnetic Selling System leveraging on the internet!

We will show you how you can automate a marketing campaign that will draw hundreds of thousands of people who need your product or service to you.

Only those who need your products will be drawn to you. This is powerful!


There is nothing more frustrating than offering your product or service to someone who does not need what you sell. This is the root cause of rejection most people face in sales and marketing. MAGNETIC SELLING SYSTEM REMOVES REJECTION FROM SELLING PROCESS

With the internet, you have access to billions of people who have a need and are desperately looking for a solution to their problems.

There are 100 million internet users in Nigeria alone with their different needs.

Magnetic Selling System will help you reach millions of people who need your products or service at a click of a button. People you cannot ordinarily reach on your own with your traditional marketing system.

Isn’t this amazing?


And remember, when I first stumbled upon these thought-altering techniques, I had to figure everything out on my own through trial and error.

You’re already in a position to succeed faster than I did because most of the legwork had already been done for you. We will show you these techniques step by step.

Five Million Naira within 6 Weeks

We showed Magnetic Selling System to a set of young men. One of them saw a great need. He discovered that many people with bald head want to grow hair in their head.

He imported a cream from China that could help people grow hair at the rate of Two Hundred and Fifty Naira (N250).  

The young man applied the knowledge of our Magnetic System and offered the cream to the market for N6000.

He set up a mini-website by himself and started making massive campaigns on Facebook and other platforms. I am sure you may have come across his advert on Facebook.

Within 6 weeks, he has sold eight hundred and fifty bottles (850). Do you know what that means? 850 bottles multiply by N6000.  He made Five Million Naira plus within six weeks!

And you know what; he has not even scratched the surface of the market. The potential of the market is still huge.


Distance is not a barrier because you are going to attend the training from the comfort of your home on your WhatsApp.

You’ll discover everything my team and I have learned about Selling, Digital Marketing, Making Money and Building Real Wealth Online

It doesn’t matter what you sell or trying to sell… the techniques and methods you’ll learn are universal and work for ANYONE in ANY business.


  • How to figure out what you can sell – Products, Services

  • How to Evaluate Whether or Not the Product/Service will sell.

  • Packaging Your Products for Online Sales

  • How to Design a Mini Website with Word press to Show-case and Present your products to your potential buyers – all by yourself.

  • How To Magnetize a Torrential Flood of Traffic to Your Site

  • How to set up a marketing pipeline that allows your prospects to sell and close themselves without any hardcore sales pitches!

  • All You Need to Know About Education Marketing That Turns One-Time Customer to Your Loyal Customers

  • How To Automate Your Sales Funnel and Follow up Process

  • Copywriting – Understanding The Psychology of Buyers and How to write to trigger action.

  • How To Influence Customer Behaviours by Pressing the Right Button

  • How To Build Trust and Relationship With Your Customers online and stop their biggest fear

  • Different Traffic Techniques That Work in Nigeria – Hint – Not all traffic techniques you hear or read in books work here

  • Virology – How to Make Social Media Ad that Go Viral

  • Video Marketing

  • How To Set a Killer Facebook Adverts

You will also learn:

  • – How to Set Up Your Marketing Strategy and Plan

  • – Sets of most powerful words you can use in your advertising or when trying to persuade another person. Anytime I put an ad together, I always go back and specifically check to make sure I used these words frequently enough because they are so brutally effective. (And no… it’s not “free” or “you”.)

  • – How to position yourself as a trusted consultant who is simply providing value, rather than “just another annoying salesman/woman.

  • – The single most important element in the entire sales process. (It’s also the most overlooked.)

  • The one style of advertisement that gets 500% more readership than all other ads. (Understand this ridiculously easy to apply the principle and you’ll have the ability to craft ads better than 95% of other digital marketing professionals)

  • How to promote your websites using free and paid methods (both online and offline)

  • How to track all your efforts so you know what’s working and what’s not (this is one of the biggest keys to online sales and marketing success) etc


This training is most suitable…

  • Everyone who is looking for Ways to Leverage the Internet to sell his or her ideas, products, Skills or Services.

  • Everyone who wants to learn solid skills required to make real money online.

  • Unemployed and underemployed People

  • Anyone who is presently working but not making enough money to pay bills

  • Anyone Who Wants to Change his or her Career from a Career that is not selling to the one that will make you real Money

  • Anyone who has a good idea, high-income skills, product or service that wants to leverage the power of the internet to massively sell. etc.



I want you to be as confident as I am that this system will work for you.

If by chance we fail in any way to deliver on our promises to you in terms of our content and delivery, please feel free to request the refund of your full money and you’ll get a complete, fast, no-hassle refund. Simple as that!.

Fair enough?

So, how much is this program?

There are many young people online who have never sold a single product in their lives who are trying to teach you what they read from one book or the other.

At this 2 weeks encounter, you will be learning from a man who has been making living online for the past 10 years.

This is a full Sales and Digital Marketing program by people who have used the same system to produce great results. Believe me – I know from firsthand experience. All the others are nowhere near this.

This is a complete program that is capable of transforming your life and business within weeks.

How much do you think this should go for?

Learning how to build your own website and blog alone cost more than N60,000

This training is well worth more than N300,000 if you consider its contents and deliverables.

However, this time around, we are not going to charge you up to N50,000.

We Will only Charge you N20,000 for the TWO WEEKS

N20,000 for…

  • To gain access to High Way of Financial Freedom

  • Two Weeks of Intensive Practical Training to Learn a skill you can use to transform every facet of your business and life.

  • Make real money online and offline

  • Seven Videos on How To Set Up the Magnetic System

  • Thirteen Lecture Audio

Note that this is going to be the last time we shall ever run this program at this price.

Subsequent programs are going to be at a higher cost.






We can only admit 15 people on the first come first serve basis.

Others shall be moved to our next batch which may attract different price

Nothing Moves Without a Mover. Your situation will remain the same unless you take action.

This is a rare opportunity to Learn a 21st Century Skill at a ridiculously low price.

After the training you can choose to become:

  • A professional Digital Marketing Expert

  • A Professional Social Network Manager

  • A businessman with a Class

I know you will not allow this great opportunity to slip off your hands.


“Success is not a destination, but an adventure, which is accessible to all who dare to venture.”


I am a Neuro-Linguistic Specialist, Success Coach, mentor, and a Cognitive Psychologist. I have chosen to use my training and expertise to help others to become the very best they are created to be through my publications, seminars, books, and videos.


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    I need to know more about this and how it can help my business grow

    • March 11, 2020

      Thanks, we will get in touch to help you see how it works


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