23 Nov

Maths Formula


Have you ever required a formula to solve our everyday life challenges? If you answered No, then why were we compelled at school to memorize formulas for areas and volumes, solve quadratic equation etc.. The big question is how useful are those formula in the real life?

First Why Do We Force Kids To Memorize Formula?

So, they can be able to quickly solve Maths problem and score a good grade.

The truth is that, formulas are great shortcuts to solve problems that have been solved before. Have you heard your child say something like… “just give me the formula, I will work it out”. When you hear things like this from children, you should know that they are only trying to memorize and lack true understanding.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Formulas are useful but without context and understanding, they are useless. In a world that gets more complex every day, the formula can only take them so far.

Our approach to Maths stresses deep understanding and only leverages memorization and formula to increase efficiency, but not to replace thinking and real problem-solving.

The largest problems facing the world today like AIDS, Cancer, Hunger, Power, etc. can’t be solved using formula.

One of the biggest problems with education today is that, teachers spend too much time teaching skills to solve problems that have already been solved. In the process, we train children to think that all problem can be solved quickly especially if they have a formula.

Our children are never taught how to handle the ambiguity of not knowing what to do next. They are not taught how to wrestle with uncertainty and then develop perseverance, intuition, and confidence to keep going to try and fail (it okay to fail). This is what Maths is really about.

At Biodun Omosaku Learning Technologies (BOLT), our approach to maths is to build the skills in every child. We do this so they can not only be successful at school but also, be able to solve the biggest challenges that we face around the globe.

Our materials (books and video) are based on these principles. We teach children to think more and memorize less.

Your child can begin a journey to learning what Maths true is from our books and videos.

You Can Access Our Materials Below: 

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To your success’

Biodun Omosaku

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    November 24, 2020

    Excellent write up, I wish to read the book soon, I suggest the price should be sliced down


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