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The video of a young girl who answered 19 Maths questions within 60 seconds in “one minute of fame” section of cowbellpedia TV Maths competition show recently went viral.

While many admired the exceptional Maths intelligence that was displayed by the young girl, deep down, many parents were envious of her. They wished their children were as brilliant as this Maths prodigy.

They figured out that the future is bright for a child who is exceptional in Maths or other school subjects like this girl. However, the truth is that being good at Maths is not a predictor of a future success.

I put this article forward to correct some wrong notions some parents hold about their children school performance and succeeding in life. I want to show you that the fact that your child is not good at the “over-rated” Mathematical/logical and Verbal/linguistic (School) intelligence does not indicate that he will not succeed in life.


Examples abound around us of people who were grade ‘A’ students back in school but who are now leading mediocre lives. While their counterparts who were not as ‘intelligent’ ended up living richer, happier and healthier lives. Our world is full of people who regularly scored ‘As’ in school but who ended up working for those who were perceived as not intelligent and thus, not inclined to success. Many who were labeled as “average students” or “dullard” have gone ahead to become successful entrepreneurs and business owners. Bill Gates, Aliko Dangote (the wealthiest black man), Austin J.J Okocha (Nigerian football legend), Tiger Woods and  Richard Branson are all examples of people who never excelled academically but ended up highly successful in their respective fields of discipline. It is, therefore, safe to say that it is a significant error, to assume that because a child excels at school; such a child has a huge chance at succeeding in life. Academic success has never been a good indicator of a person’s success in life.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not against Maths competitions like Cowbelpedia. On the contrary, I admire great Maths geniuses that are usually showcased on the program. As a matter of fact, I am a strong advocate of Maths literacy. and I have written a couple of books on Maths Mastery. However, researches have shown that a child may not be strong at Maths but be a genius in other areas such as sport, creative art, music or other areas. It is unfortunate that there no TV programs that celebrate or showcase prodigies in other areas.


 It takes two major things for your child to have a guarantee of a successful future:

One, helping him or her identify his Unique Talent

Two, helping him or her Nurture his blends of Talents

Let me explain them:


God has equipped every child with what is required to become a resounding success in life. For some children, they are gifted with linguistic (Maths) abilities while some are gifted in creative writing, dancing or sport. Every one of them is a genius in his or her different area and should be celebrated. Think about it, what would have happened if Serena Williams’ father had confined her to the four walls of the classroom only? Maybe Serena would have gone to University and after that became a nurse, counselor or a school teacher. She may make all the money, but she will never be fulfilled. Our world would have missed a great legend like her, and the father too would have missed the opportunity of being the father of a star.



 It takes a parent who has trained his/her eyes to spot talents and geniuses to identify them when they see talents in their children.

Warris Olamilekan

I am sure you have heard about the Lagos based Nigerian boy by the name Kareem Warris Olamilekan who came to the limelight of stardom when he drew the sitting governor of Lagos state. Warris’ mother noticed her boy’s passion for drawing when he was just six years of age. Determined to nurture this talent in her son, she got him brushes and paints. Even though Warris came from an impoverished home, his talent brought him to the limelight. When Warris was eleven years old (2018), he drew the sitting governor of Lagos state, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode. In appreciation, the governor awarded him a full University scholarship with a promise to help the parents come out of abject poverty. Warris was invited to draw the French President, Emmanuel Macron when he visited Nigeria (2018).

What opened doors for Warris to dine with a sitting governor and the French president is not his academic (Maths) prowess, but his drawing ability. All thanks to his mother who helped him nurture his talents.

What About Serena Williams, The Long Tennis Legend?

Richard Williams was able to spot sports genius in his youngest daughter when the girl was barely two years of age because he has trained his eyes to identify talents.

When she was just two years old, Richard Williams, the father of the long tennis living legend – Serena Williams noticed his youngest daughter’s energy and athletic ability. Serena demonstrated a level of energy that was beyond her age. She loved to watch long tennis on TV. Seeing all these, Richard figured out that a career in long tennis may be it for Serena and he decided to groom his daughter for a tennis career. Guess What? Serena became a world-class Long tennis star at age of 13 because she has a father who is knowledgeable enough to spot talents in his child at an early age.

To succeed in life, your child requires more than being a genius in just one area: He requires BLEND OF INTELLIGENCE

 There are Seven Key areas of Intelligence. A child requires A BLEND OF FOUR TO FIVE INTELLIGENCES to succeed in life. For Instance, an ‘A’ student may be very strong in his Mathematical intelligence, but may not have the required interpersonal skills to relate with people, communicate well or possess good persuasive or motivating skills to engage people. He may also not have the capacity to overcome and learn from failures as well as to reflect and motivate himself in the face of challenges. He may not be sufficiently creative, innovative and proactive enough to predict problems and create unique solutions. These, are the essential skills required to succeed in life and indeed any profession.

Do you really want your child to succeed in life? Your child will require a blend of four to five intelligences to succeed in life. What all successful individuals have in common is that they have a healthy combination of at least four to five of the seven different intelligences.

Barrack Obama

Barrack Obama rose to become one of the most respected and loved presidents of the United States because he had strong interpersonal intelligence that allowed him to understand people, connect with them and motivate them towards his course. His high intrapersonal intelligence saw him reflect and continuously improve on himself, ensuring that he dealt with frustration and bounced back after many setbacks. Obama possesses verbal/linguistic intelligence that allowed him to give powerful, emotional and persuasive speeches. Finally, he has a relatively strong mathematical/logical intelligence that allowed him to analyze, interpret and solve problems. A person who is just purely trained to be academically smart will not exhibit all of these talents.

Some years ago, the news had it that a secondary school boy committed suicide in Lagos. He jumped from the top of the Maryland tunnel and broke his spinal cord because he came second in his third term examination.

This is a classic example of a boy who scored high in “school intelligence” but significantly fell short in other vital intelligences particularly in the area of intrapersonal intelligence, hence his inability to face, and ultimately overcome the temporary defeat.



 Researches and the latest events around us as we see on YouTube and other online platforms have clearly shown that children learn a lot between birth and five years of age. Probably more than they will be able to learn in the remaining years of their lives: This is why it is imperative for parents and schools to be able to identify and nurture their talents at these very early ages.

In my book, The Whiz Kid, you will be able to learn how to how to identify and nurture your child’s blend of intelligences.

  • I will show you how you can spot your child’s intelligences with 100% accuracy
  • I will also give you step by step guide on how to nurture the intelligences to stardom
  • You will find out the danger of “consume it now” or “I want it now” attitude in a child – inability to delay gratification
  • I will help you discover your child’s blend of intelligences so that you can channel your efforts at nurturing the intelligences.
  • It is often an effort in futility to insist on nurturing intelligences or talents that are not your child’s dominant intelligences.
  • I will prove to you that, the fact that your child is not good at the “over-rated” Mathematical/logical and Verbal/linguistic (School) intelligence does not indicate that he will not succeed in life.
  • I will show you how you can help your child build his or her Mathematical and Verbal (School) Intelligences
  • I will also show you how you can nurture other critical intelligences in your child. There are seven forms of intelligence in every child and at different degrees.

Price:  Hardcopy N3,500, Softcopy N3,000

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    Written by Dr. Biodun Omosaku

    Biodun Holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, an Associate Member of Many professional bodies in Nigeria including Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria CIPMN, Nigeria Institute of Training and Development NITAD, CMD Certified Trainer, author of more than ten books including the best seller book: Mathematics Tricks

    He has been able to touch thousands of families, teachers, schools and students through his seminars and materials – books, videos, and audios.


I am a Neuro-Linguistic Specialist, Success Coach, mentor, and a Cognitive Psychologist. I have chosen to use my training and expertise to help others to become the very best they are created to be through my publications, seminars, books, and videos.

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