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The information I am about to reveal here should be a source of concern for the educators – school owners, Head Teachers, Principals, Parents and teachers.

On daily basis, many children’s greatness are being destroyed simply because schools cannot meet their learning needs.

These children are constantly being forced to Learn the way they are NOT Wired to Learn. A clear case of forcing a fish to climb a tree.

Only God Knows how many children that will still be victims of a Wrong Teaching Method.  

Parents need to arise and save the destinies of their children.


There is a type of learners known as the RIGHT BRAIN LEARNER. They are right brain learners because their brains process information better from the Right Hemisphere of their brains. This is the hemisphere that is largely neglected by the current mainstream educational system.


The current teaching method most schools use only engages the Left side of the brain leaving Most children who are natural right brain learners to struggle academically.

Please allow me to explain what I mean.

The human brain is divided into two hemispheres – the left and the right brain.

The left side of the brain processes information that comes in form of logic, Maths, Language sequence, verbal, linearity etc.

While the Right side of the brain (that is largely neglected) handles information that comes in the form of non-verbal, imagination, creativity, Daydreaming, colours, rhythms, movement etc.

So, when a teacher comes to the class and begins to talk, he will only be able to engage the Left side of the children’s brain because talking (Verbal) is a left brain function.

It is sad to note that the current Teaching Methodology only engages the Left Side of the brain Whereas, 70% of the Learners in Every Class are natural Right Brain learners who will prefer information to come to them inform of Music, Imagination, Creativity, Colours, Daydreaming etc.

This disconnect is the root cause of Many Children’s poor academic performance.



The effect of the current teaching method is that many natural right brain children who are usually about 70% of the students in every class are left out in the teaching process.

When their right side of the brain is not engaged in the class as the case in most schools today, the brain will begin to call for attention. And that is why these children will begin to draw in their notes, shake their legs or begin to beat their tables.

When this continues for some time, the teacher will give them different labels, – Unfocused, dumb, short attention spanned etc.

No! they are not dumb, they don’t have a short attention problem, It Is The Teaching Method That is Not Engaging Them Where They Have Their Strenght – THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN.

To engage the Right Brain Children and make them excel in the Left Brain School Subjects requires TECHNIQUES.

This book – THE BRAIN BOOSTER Contains 20 proven techniques to bring out the latent geniuses in the right brain children.

  • Get to Know How our brain process information

  • Learn about the Right Brain and the Left Brain Functions

  • Know Your Child’s DOMINANT TYPE

  • Find Out the DOs and DON’Ts of Teaching a Right Brain Learner

  • Discover Amazing Strategies to Stimulate Your Child’s brain and Increase their intelligence in any area of learning

  • Learn Whole Brain Integration Learning Methods

  • Find out the Strange Truth about the So-Called “Slow Learners” and ADHD Children.

  • Find out how you can use Right Brain Elements like (Music, Daydreaming, Imagination, Visualization, Creativity, Emotions, Movements etc) to accelerate your child’s learning and understanding etc

This book is a must read for you if you have a child or student who is a

right brain learner. How Will You Know Them?


Traits of a Right Brain Learner

  • Right brain learners don’t enjoy sitting down in one place to learn

  • They are imaginative and intuited

  • They are highly distractive learners. Just anything can distract them

  • They are creative children, they love poem, art, story, doing things differently by breaking rules and acting spontaneously

  • They are highly visual learners

  • They naturally do not like Maths as a subject because Maths is not in their dominant hemisphere but can learn Maths when the right brain technique is used

  • They love music, dancing, acting and playing games

  • They are dreamers and talkative children

  • They are disorganized (check their reading table or room) etc

If your child exhibits some or all of these traits, he/she is likely to be a right brain learner, you need the knowledge in this book to bring out his or her latent geniuses.



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