Distinction Student




 7 Proven Strategies to Become an Outstanding Student.

DISTINCTION STUDENT is a book that documents the skills and strategies that have made possible great achievements for others, an achievement that can be yours too; this is for student, parents, educators and anyone who wants to enhance his brain power.

If you want to stand out in superior learning and thinking strategies, this is a book for you.

How to Become a Distinction Student?

These are among things you will learn from Distinction Students by Dr. Biodun Omosaku the Brain Coach:

  • Study less but achieve more (Smart work Vs Hard work)
  • Balance studying with other aspects of your life
  • Make the best of your class time( No boring classes)
  • Apply effective examination strategies and battle the final examination
  • Develop super memory and recall facts and figures effortlessly
  • Apply Whole Brain Notes (Mind Maps, Cluster Notes, Picture Diagram, Timelines) to accelerate your achievements
  • Leverage on technology to achieve accelerated learning etc.

This book presents specific techniques and strategies that any student can use to produce outstanding

How to Order Distinction Student?

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About the Author of Brain Booster

Dr. Biodun Omosaku, the author of Distinction Student, was once a victim of wrong teaching method. He almost left school thinking he was stupid not knowing that it was the school system that was not bringing out the greatness in him.

He has been able to touch thousands of families, teachers, schools and students through his seminars and materials – books, videos, and audios.


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