I Am Not A Dullard by Dr. Biodun Omosaku

I Am Not A Dullard

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I Am Not A Dullard by Dr. Biodun Omosaku the Brain Coach teaches STRATEGIES TO MAKE STRAIGHT ‘A’S WITH EASE.

When a child is not doing well in learning, it is not because he is incapable of producing a great result but most of the time because he does not know how to.

I Am Not A Dullard sets out unusual learning strategies that have helped many other children to move from Zero to become academic hero.

Academic success is not so much about hard work, IT IS MORE ABOUT SMART WORK.

Imagine the joy you will have seeing your child rising up to becoming the best he or she is created to be?

How to Get Straight ‘A’s in Exams?

I Am Not A Dullard by Dr. Biodun Omosaku contains smart learning strategies that can be used to teach every child in order to produce great academic results.

The book, among other best selling books from BOLT, showcases testimonials of other ordinary students who have achieved extraordinary feats by using these smart strategies.

With right Strategies, Stimulation, and Encouragement, No Child Is a Dullard.

Let me make you a bold promise here, your child will be provoked to unleash his or her latent potentials. The book is highly inspirational with first class information from first class students who have used the strategies to produce jaw breaking results. -Dr. Biodun Omosaku, the Brain Coach.

What Are Strategies to Make ‘A’s?

These are what you will learn to teach your child from I Am Not A Dullard by Dr. Biodun Omosaku the Brain Coach:

  • How a student can re-program himself/herself for academic success
  • 6 ways to stimulate the brain for better performance
  • Learning strategy that guarantees Excellent Results
  • Right brain + Left Brain Learning Strategy
  • How to nurture the brain to a genius level
  • Time management that improves performance
  • Testimonials of first class students that have used these strategies
  • 10 quick ways to improve performance  and much more


When I visit schools for my seminars on this package, I charge N2,500 per child per module.

This book contains the whole 8 Modules. N2,500 in 8 places, that is N20,000.

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How to Order I Am Not A Dullard?


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I Am Not A Dullard by Dr. Biodun Omosaku, among other best selling books from BOLT, is available in hard and soft copies across popular online platforms like Amazon, Jumia Books, and Okadabooks.


About the Author of I Am Not A Dullard

Dr. Biodun Omosaku, the author of I Am Not A Dullard, was once a victim of the wrong teaching method. He almost left school thinking he was stupid not knowing that it was the school system that was not bringing out the greatness in him.

Dr. Biodun Holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, an Associate Member of many professional bodies in Nigeria including Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria CIPMN, Nigeria Institute of Training and Development NITAD.


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