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By: Dr Biodun Omosaku


“This Book is Simply Amazing! Dr. Biodun Has Done a Great Job Here.

This book will have your child thinking like a math genius in no time. He will be able to amaze his friends—and colleagues—with incredible calculations he will be able to do in his head without writing anything down.

Dr. Biodun shares his techniques for lightning-quick calculations and amazing number tricks. This book will teach your child how to do maths in his head faster than you ever thought possible, dramatically improve his or her memory for numbers, and—maybe for the first time—make mathematics fun.

My son even started to do seemingly complex equations in his head; all it takes is to learn a few tricks…And they will be able to quickly multiply and divide triple digits, compute with fractions, and determine squares, cubes, and roots without blinking an eye.

No matter what your age or current maths ability, I believe that this book, MATHEMATICS TRICKS will allow you to perform fantastic feats of the mind effortlessly. This is maths the way they never taught most of us in school.”







These Tricks Make Maths Easier Than You Can Ever Imagine


Mathematics Tricks by Dr Biodun Omosaku

“With This SIMPLE Formula, Your Child Will Fall in Love  with Mathematics and Say Goodbye to Low Marks in Mathematics Forever, Regardless of Your Child’s Current Maths Skill”


Dear Caring Parent,

Call it magic. It looks like one. Real, practical magic!

What you’re about to experience is something you may NEVER have seen before. But the positive effects are long-lasting and life-changing.

In fact, I guarantee you will beam with pride to see your child’s grade soar in Mathematics like never before.

I have been able to help many children overcome their phobia for Maths by showing them this new approach to solving Maths.

see below what some parents wrote back to tell us after their children used this amazing book.

Many children who have developed a strong aversion for Maths before coming across this guide fell in love with Maths in a matter of couples of days of encountering Mathematics Tricks.

Let me tell you something. It wasn’t mathematics these children hated before, it was the failure. No one loves failure. I don’t like failure too.

Many of them have tried severally to master Maths using the conventional Maths methods and they have failed. When you have failed severally on a thing, it is only natural that you get discouraged and you begin to withdraw from that thing.

The best form of motivation is making progress. When you are making progress on anything, you are encouraged to do more of that thing.

When the same children who have hated Maths are exposed to our Mathematics Tricks, within one week, the curiosity about the new approach usually makes them fall in love with Maths.



Children usually get intrigued by the tricks and they want to test the tricks with more and more Maths problems and in the process, they are practicing Maths, and suddenly, they will just discover that there is nothing ‘hard’ about Maths.

You’ll see the joy in their eyes…

Almost instantly your child will be so happy with his new discoveries and a new level of confidence will enter him or her.

Mathematics Tricks by Dr Biodun Omosaku


These Maths tricks will turn Maths into pure joy for your child.

With Mathematics Tricks, Your Child will be able to Calculate Maths in his head at a Flash Speed

…Making The FEAR of MATHS a Thing of The Past!

Pretty soon, in fact, within 2 hours with Mathematics Tricks book, your child can read the book and learn the fastest and the easiest ways to handle Maths processes just by following the simple step-by-step guide inside Mathematics Tricks book.



“What a turnaround!

Today, I only use my calculator to show

people that I got the right answer!”

If you have not seen it in our videos, let me give you a feel of what Mathematics Tricks is about:

Supposed your child is working a Maths problem and

he needs to add two figures say 17 + 13

He doesn’t need a calculator to do this. in fact, he shouldn’t write anything down to quickly do this in his brain.  All he needs to do is to

Step 1

spot the one that is closer to a friendly whole number like, 20, 30, 40 …etc

In this case, 17 is closer to 20.

Step 2

Ask yourself by how much is 17 lesser than 20? in this case by 3

Step 3

Remove the 3 from the other number i.e 13,        13 – 3 = 10

Step 4

Add the 3 to 17                                                       17+3 = 20

it has become easier to add now. 10 + 20 = 30

This quite simple, we shall graduate them like this till we get to where they need to do multiplication.

supposed your child is working a Maths problem and he needs to

multiply    23 x 11

Most Students will go the conventional (hard) way,

They will set the problem like this

  2         3

x 1          1

They will now begin to multiply.

Thereafter, they will have to add some numbers together in order to arrive at the answer.

But Mathematics Tricks book has a better, easier, and faster way of arriving at the answer.

All your Child needs to do is…

Add 2 and 3 (that makes 23) together and put whatever figure you get in between the 2 and 3

Let us do it:

23 x 11

Step 1; add 2 + 3 (that makes the figure 23) and that gives you 5

Step 2; put the five in the middle                              2 5 3

That is your answer!                                                                 23 x 11= 253

Bring out your calculator and punch, you will get    253

This is Mathematics Tricks’ way of multiplying any two-digit number with 11

And this is far easier than the conventional (hard) way most students are used to.

I want to show your child, 40 DIFFERENT MATHS TRICKS that will blow his or her mind and make him pick active interest in Mathematics.

Imagine being able to add or multiply any number by just putting 0-9 on a circle (it is called Number Wheel). These are some of the tricks your child will find in the book, Maths Tricks.

Sometimes these tricks are so easy to do that you will ask yourself why you were never shown these methods in school!

For instance, imagine being able to do multiplication with your fingers.

Yes! you heard me well. Your child will learn the trick to do a multiplication table with his fingers.

Here’s what most people don’t know about These Tricks

It’s NOT a mystery or a trick; in fact, it’s an ancient form of Mathematics from India and Japan, recently re-discovered from the pages of history.

Mathematics Tricks works in perfect harmony with your mind’s natural logical thinking process and once understood, it becomes very addictive!

Your child will become addicted to Maths. So beware!


You will be able to see the effect of Mathematics Tricks in as little as TWO HOURS!

I know it sounds too good to be true but I tell you, you will bless the name of God for coming across this.

You will wonder WHY you weren’t shown this when you were in school!

I don’t know why so many people haven’t heard about these Tricks or why they are not being taught in schools today, but what I can tell you is that when you teach your child these methods you will see remarkable improvements immediately, not in a week’s time, or a month or even six months.

These 40 Tricks are so fun and intriguing that your child will want to try them more and more and as she is doing this, the tricks are stimulating her left side of the brain that handles Maths. What follows is an unusual understanding of Mathematics. I think this is why some people think, it is magic.

Get the Idea?

Imagine what this can do for your child’s confidence….

it’s priceless. Everyone needs Mathematics Tricks


I realize that a lot of people, (people like you and I), would dearly love to teach their children Maths just to give them that added ‘advantage’ in the classroom. Any self-respecting parent would.

But many parents cannot help their children in Maths because they themselves are also having challenges with Maths.

With these Tricks, you will be able to master basic Maths principles that will enable you to build the confidence needed to solve any Maths problem on the spot.

— Anyone, Anywhere, at almost Any Age can learn these methods TONIGHT —

— Stop Throwing Your Hard-earned Cash Away On Wasted Hours Of Math Mania and Costly Maths Textbooks —

Here’s what You and Your Child will learn to apply straight away in this course:

Mathematics Tricks by Dr Biodun Omosaku

  • The long kept Maths secrets of Japanese and Indian children that give them exceptional abilities in Mathematics

  • Powerful Tricks to do 13 – 20 multiplication table within 2 seconds

  • How to do multiplication table on your fingers

  • Mind-blowing alternative ways to solve Maths problems in seconds

  • Easiest Ways to multiply any two or three-digit numbers

  • Square of a number ending with 5 in less than 5 seconds

  • Addition by alteration that will enable you to add sets of numbers in your head at a speed of light

  • Tricks to work percentages in your head

  • Easiest and the fastest ways to work Fractions and Percentages

  • How to work out uncommon square roots within 5 seconds etc

It’s Mathematics magic — without ANY abracadabra.

It’s scientifically sound… and 100%-accurate.

Even those who struggle with numbers can grasp this easily and once they do, their lives will NEVER be the same again.

Everything you’ll learn is easy to understand and will work for you…and will work forever!

It has worked for many people in the past, I am sure it will work for you (Parents) and for every student stressing about Maths.

Imagine how fulfilling you will feel when you see firsthand, usually within MINUTES of starting the Lessons, just how easy it is to really multiply just like a genius!

Your child doesn’t need to cram the multiplication table, with Mathematics Tricks, he or she will be able to work the Multiplication table and get his answer within 2 seconds.

A sound understanding of the basics means they’ll now understand everything in class and achieve better grades straight away…

But that’s just the beginning because the soaring confidence they will gain can completely change your child’s life and open up a whole new world of possibility and promise

This will be one of the most enjoyable, simplest, and easiest ways to spend quality and productive time with your child, and learn something powerful in the process!

Here’s What Some Recent Customers Have To Say About Mathematics Tricks:

“This guide makes Math easier and more fun than I have ever imagined.”

Mrs. Tobi Emmanuel, Principal Great Scholars Academy,

Mokola, Ibadan.

“When I got your guide, I printed it out and gave it to my daughter’s home lesson teacher to help me put her through the guide. The first day she was taught a few tricks from the book; my daughter didn’t allow us to sleep that night. She was really thrilled by the tricks. She just wanted to show off her new Maths skill. She would challenge me with big multiplication tables. Ever since then, she has come to like Maths. The guide is simply amazing”

– Mr. Kolawole Ogunjimi, a parent, Lekki Lagos.

There are hundreds of people out there who are glad they found out about Mathematics Tricks Guide”

The Effectiveness of these Tricks is Undeniable.  if Mathematics Tricks Guide isn’t helping people improve their Maths, we would have been out of business by now.

I know this works and those who have experienced it know this works, there is no better assurance and confirmation.

This is perfect timing if you’re a concerned parent, brother, or sister, who wants to give a child that head starts in their Maths education.

This is just made for you if you want to improve your maths skills to take it to another level, or simply to give you that added boost of maths-confidence in the office.

This is that perfect tool if you are someone who needs that extra mental arithmetic help, just to break free from that soul-killing embarrassing calculator whenever you are put on the spot!

And if you don’t have the time to personally teach

your child because of your tight schedule…

Give Mathematics Tricks Guide to your child’s home lesson teacher, let him spend one hour with him/her, using Mathematics Tricks and in two days, you will be shocked to see your child’s renewed love for Maths.

There is NOTHING out there like Mathematics Tricks Guide

What Makes Mathematics Tricks Guide So Different…And Better?

Because It Promises Quality Results Fast, With Minimum Learning Time!



I honestly do not know how much to place on a powerful guide like this.

If I charged N10,000, I am sure you will agree with me that it’s worth much more particularly when you consider the unquantifiable benefits learners will gain from the book.

But guess what, I won’t charge N10,000 for this guide.

I want every caring parent to have access to this guide

I won’t even charge you up to N5,000.

With just N3,000, you can have access to this

guide in less than 10 minutes from now.

Do You Have a Discount Code? Pay  N2,500

(Note that You Will Be Required To Quote Your Discount Code Before You Can Enjoy The Discount)

Imagine… the inner joy you will have when your child’s performance in mathematics begins to soar.

Imagine…the self-confidence your child will have when he knows he can face any Maths exam and pass.

How much do you think all of these sh

ould cost you?

The value of this guide is simply priceless.

Let me even make it even easier for you.

I want you to succeed. That’s why I am giving you an


Your Absolute Satisfaction With “Mathematics Tricks Guide” is 100% Guaranteed!

I will personally guarantee that Mathematics Tricks Guide will give you and your child more understanding of Maths calculations.

It will provide your child with a fantastic head start in

Maths and delight you with the immediate results.

Order your Mathematics Tricks Guide today

and If for whatever reason or No Reason at all,

you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase,

I will refund 100% of your purchase price.

No questions asked.

So you see, I have gone to great lengths to make ordering Mathematics Tricks completely risk-free for you! 

I can boldly make this offer because I am sure of the book

You have absolutely NOTHING to lose but everything to gain.

Just imagine, watching your child advance to the top group in the Maths class!

That alone is priceless!



To you to buy this for your child, I want to go out of my ways to encourage you. I know what this book can do to your child’s performance in Maths.

If you take action and place your order for the book within 24 hours of launching into this website, you will also get with your order, my E-book that has helped many parents titled, CRACKING THE CODES OF MATHEMATICS. The price of this book is N3,000.

But if you order the Mathematics Tricks with 24 Hours counting from this minute, you shall get the bonus book at no cost to you.

In the bonus book, Discover:

  • how to activate your child’s left side of the brain

  • how to re-introduce Maths to your child

  • how to make the best of your child’s time

  • how to nurture your Child’s curiosity for Maths mastery

  • how to leverage on practice exam to teach your child

  • The effective strategy to tackle maths problem

  • why constant revision is key to your child’s success

  • etc





  2. Thereafter Notify us on WhatsApp Number 0802-322-6334

  3. We shall send the book to your WhatsApp or Email Address















Dr. Biodun Omosaku 

Dr. Biodun Omosaku is a Cognitive Psychologist, a Neuro-linguistic Specialist, an Education Consultant, and an Associate Member of many professional bodies in Nigeria including the Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria.

Biodun was once a victim of the wrong teaching method, he almost quit school thinking he was stupid not knowing that it was the school system that was not bringing out the greatness in him.

He is a strong advocate for change in the education system. Biodun teaches a whole-brain approach to teaching/ learning that substantially meets the learning needs of every learner – right brain or left brain.

Trained in Singapore, his whole brain teaching/learning approach is based on the latest discoveries in Neuro-linguistic programming, multiple intelligences, and quantum learning.

He has been able to touch thousands of families, teachers, schools, and students through his seminars and materials – books, videos, and audios.

 Q, When Will I have access to the Book After Payment?

You’ll be able to get immediate access to Mathematics Tricks Guide the moment your payment or transfer is confirmed. simply by downloading it directly to your computer! No Postage – No Packing fees – No Waiting! Your child can have access to this guide even tonight. Everything depends on you.

Q. My work has a firewall in place. What happens if I can’t download the course?
A: If for whatever reason you can’t get access to the course material, drop me an email  and I will email you your copy direct to your inbox.

Q. Is this a paper book?
A: No, this is an instantly downloadable book in a PDF format. Of course, you can choose to print the book out if you prefer to read it from paper.

Q. My child is OK at Maths, will your guide really help her improve from where she’s at?
A: Regardless of what level your child or indeed you are at in Maths, you will see (even from the examples above) that this math method is entirely different. If your child is good at Maths, this will open them up a whole new world of different and faster methods. If your child struggles at Maths, this guide will be perfect to dramatically improve their Maths skills, I guarantee it.

Q. How in-depth does your guide go?
A: As far as in-depth as is practically possible for our breakthrough techniques to transform your child to maths success. The course does not cover a third or late secondary levels such as calculus and differentiation. Listed above on this page is the full content list.

Q. I am weak at mental arithmetic. Will your guide help me also?
A: Of course! Regardless of whether you are strong or weak, you can always improve your mental arithmetic.

Q. I am a teacher, can I use these methods in my class?
A: Many teachers do just that using this guide. They have noticed dramatic improvements in the children’s math work.

Q. Do you work to any school syllabus?
A: No, the material in the guide has not been created to any school curriculum, it didn’t address any Maths topics, it is aimed at stimulating learners’ brain for a better understanding of Maths.

Q. How long will your offer stay the way it is?

Not long! So the chance to invest is now and today.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. My email and phone numbers are listed above.

HOTLINES 0802-322-6334 WhatsApp/Call


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