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Mathematics Tricks by Dr. Biodun Omosaku the Brain Coach teaches 30 MATHEMATICS TRICKS TO STIMULATE BRAIN.

These 30 Maths Tricks Mathematics Tricks by Dr. Biodun Omosaku will help your child to say goodbye to low marks in Mathematics forever, regardless of your child’s current Maths skill – GUARANTEED!”

Call it a magic. It looks like one. Real, practical magic!

Are There Tricks to Pass Mathematics?

Yes, there are tricks to make you excel in Maths, even if that is your most-hated subject. After years of in-depth studies and research, Dr Biodun Omosaku, founder of BOLT, have packed 30 Maths tricks in one of his best selling books, Mathematics Tricks.

What you’re about to experience is something you may NEVER have seen before. But the positive effects are long-lasting and life-changing. In fact, I guarantee you will beam with pride to see your child’s grade soar in Mathematics like never before. -Dr. Biodun Omosaku, the Brain Coach.

Why Do Some Children Hate Mathematics?

It is not Mathematics that children really hate, it is the fear of failing Mathematics that cause general aversion for Maths. Think of it, no one loves failure.

Why Buy Mathematics Tricks by Dr Biodun Omosaku?

Many Children who have developed strong aversion for Maths before reading Mathematics Tricks by Dr Biodun Omosaku
fell in love with Maths in a couples of days of encountering Mathematics Tricks it teaches.

The best form of motivation is making progress.

When you are making progress on anything, you are encouraged to do more of that thing. When the same children who have said to have hated Maths are exposed to our Mathematics Tricks, within one week, they usually fall in love with Maths.

What Makes Mathematics Tricks Life-changing?
Students usually get intrigued by the Mathematics tricks in this book and they want to apply the tricks to more and more Maths problems. And in the process, they are practicing Maths and suddenly they will just discover that there is nothing hard about Maths.

How to Order Mathematics Tricks?

Mathematics Tricks by Dr. Biodun Omosaku, among other best selling books from BOLT, is available in hard and soft copies across popular online platforms like Amazon, Jumia Books and Okadabooks.

To order for any of our books, please call (234) 906-930-9845, (234) 802-322-6334, (234) 805-106-4204.

About the Author of Mathematics Tricks

Dr. Biodun Omosaku, the author of Mathematics Tricks, was once a victim of wrong teaching method. He almost left school thinking he was stupid not knowing that it was the school system that was not bringing out the greatness in him.

He has been able to touch thousands of families, teachers, schools and students through his seminars and materials – books, videos, and audios.


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