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The Right Brain Activities for Your Kids


This is the first generation in the history of creation that is blessed with more right brain dominant children than the left-brain ones. A research has indicated that 70% of children in every class are right brain dominant children.

This development has rendered our school systems that are predominantly based on left brain teaching utterly outdated and incapable of meeting today’s children’s needs.

At the same time, this trend has placed more responsibilities on the parents and teachers who must find appropriate methods to connect with these talkative, highly distracted and hyperactive right brainchildren.

The Right brain activities for kids is designed to empower both the hemispheres of the brain – the logical left brain and the creative right brain.

Both the hemispheres function in tandem to attain whole brain synergy.  Parents are always concerned about their toddler’s welfare. However, they tend to emulate conventional academic patterns because that is the only way they think children can be taught.

Our teaching method is generally based on memorization and regurgitation of the acquired data. And so, parents prioritize the repetition of information when teaching their children.

The right brain (a child’s untapped potential hemisphere) operates on an entirely different tangent. The phenomenal human brain (cerebrum) possesses the amazing ability to learn if data are presented to it the way and manner it prefers to receive them.

To bring out the latent geniuses in our fledging right brainchildren, the principal fragment that requires emphasis is the right brain. The right brain possesses an amazing ability to process thinking activities at ‘lightning rapid speed’.

To enhance the right brain side of your toddler using activities, time is an extremely crucial factor, it is essential that we begin to stimulate the right side of their brain as they are born. Stimulating their brain from the early months of births will lead to more neuronal connections which will ultimately result in higher brain stimuli.

A parent should devote no more than two minutes per activity while engaging in this process of right brain training at home.

The activities include –

• Flashcards

• Rapid mental calculations

• Developing your child’s emotional quotient through –

1- Music

2- Pretend Play

3- Dramatic storytelling – Imaging

Flashcards – 

Flashcards have been found to work wonders when it comes activating the right brain of toddlers. It is, however, advisable to not show the same flashcard more than three times because babies get bored if presented with the same material repeatedly.

Parents can also read to their children and create flashcards similar to the content. For example, If you are reading about ‘time’, you can work on flashcards of the day, the night, the sun, the moon, the phases of the moon, the months, analog clock, digital clock, hourglass, raining and sunny seasons. This is called linking and association. The right brain learns better when things are associated. This makes the process of right brain development at home faster, effectual and simple.

When doing flashcard activities, ensure that each flash card is not displayed more than a second and it should be done quickly. The activity is not a time consuming one and there is a provision of higher brain stimuli for your child.

It is vital to have a combination of flashcards with words and pictures because they both serve different purposes. However, it isn’t recommended to have words and images on the same flashcard. (You can have two flashcards. One with an image of a car and another with the word ‘car’ on it. It is not advisable to have a flashcard with an image of a car with the word underneath it.) The right side of the brain resonates well with information that comes in the picture. This activity exercises the right brain and aids in training the image function of the right brain.


A powerful element for learning on the right side of the brain is imagination. Parents and teachers can enhance their children’s ability to imagine using activities.

You can either conceal your child’s eyes and narrate a story while asking him to imagine the scenarios or you can cut pictures of objects and stick them onto a piece of brightly colored cardboard.

The image should have a focal point (a simple white dot). Request your child to focus on the dot for ten seconds and question him afterward whether he can ‘see’ the image in his mind. This activity helps to train the right brain’s imaging ability. This ability is the cornerstone for multiple right brain talents like speed reading, having a photographic memory, the ability to perform complex calculations rapidly, etc.

Playing music for your child, asking him to color the images, engaging in pretend play and dramatically narrating stories provide stimuli to his brain and enrich his right brain nourishment. 

Right brain training at home is not an arduous task. The modus operandi is simple, effective and time-saving if you know it.


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