I am not a dullard eBOOK Cover

With right Strategies, Stimulation, and Encouragement, No Child Is a Dullard. This book contains Smart Learning Strategies every child can use to produce great academic results within Shortest Time. It showcases testimonials of other ordinary students who have achieved extraordinary feats by using these smart strategies. Academic success is not so much about hard work, IT IS MORE ABOUT SMART WORK. Imagine the joy you will have seeing your child rising up to becoming the best he or she is created to be. This is the purpose of this powerful book.

Let me make to you a bold promise here, your child will be provoked to unleash his or her latent potentials. The book is highly inspirational with first class information from first class students who have used the strategies to produce jaw breaking results.What your child will find in the book include:

  • How a student can re-program himself or herself for academic success
  • 6 ways to stimulate brain for faster and better neuro-connectivity
  • Learning strategies that guaranty Excellent Results within Weeks
  • How to nurture brain to a genius level
  • Time management that improves performance
  • Testimonials of first class students that have used these strategies
  • 10 quick ways to improve performance Immediately
  • and much more




For anyone to gain intelligence in Maths, his brain must have formed a neural path for figures. Neural paths are formed with right stimulation to the brain. This book is a brain simulator for figures. It helps Maths learners to build strong relationships with figures. It presents Maths in a fun filled way in order to bring out the latent Maths geniuses in every child.

In this book , your child will discover different ways of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing faster than you ever thought possible.

As a matter of fact , your child will be able to work mathematics in his head without pencil and paper. With this book, time will never be against your child in any maths exams again, because they will be able to solve maths at a very high speed.

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Maths is a left brain function that requires repetition to master. Your child can watch this videos as many times as he or she wants. This is like have the Maths guru himself as your child’s home lesson teacher.

Find out amazing approaches to solving Maths problems in these videos. With these videos, every child can master Maths. 50 different Videos on 50 different Maths Topics for Elementary Learners of Mathematics.

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Time Management eBook Cover

I have never seen a successful person (a student inclusive) who did not value his time; and I have never seen an unsuccessful person who did. A student cannot spend his time anyhow, doing all the wrong things and possibly expect to do well in his studies;

In this book, your teenager shall discover success strategies and time mastery principles like:

  • The real meaning of Time
  • Activities students engage in that are tantamount to time wastage
  • Your Time Vs. Phone chats, Facebook and other social media
  • How to invest time for a better result tomorrow
  • 4 quadrants of time – find out the quadrant of success
  • Research based time management principles for students
  • How to overcome distractions and procrastination
  • How to say “NO” to time wasters without feeling guilty
  • How grade ‘A’ students plan and spend their time etc

You will get a PDF (816KB) file.



The very proof that something can be done is when someone has done it before. This audio video book presents stories and learning strategies of 10 Nigerian first class students for other students to learn from.

In this audio video book, your child will discover:

  • One thing he/she can do that will change his result immediately
  • How NOT to make any mistakes in any exams (it is possible!)
  • Exactly how to handle difficult subjects
  • Secrets of Making Straight ‘A’s etc

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audio video book


Behind every successful child, there is a mother, father or a teacher  who knows exactly what to do. This is what this book sets out – exact what to do to raise a first class child.

Raising academically sound children takes strategy. I have taken time to study parents who have nurtured their ordinary children to achieve extra ordinary results. I discovered certain things they did differently from other parents. The very proof that something can be done is when someone has done it before. You too can unveil and nurture the latent learning genius in your child by following the steps set out in this audio video book.


  • 6 Keys that unlock brain potentials and usher in your child into the world of academic excellence
  • There is a way successful parent communicate with their children, totally different from the way most other parent do. Learn communication pattern of successful parents
  • There is something that triggers children to aspire to be the best, find out the little secret.
  • There is a skill, develop this important skill to help your child overcome his or her learning challenges.
  • Uncover your child’s natural learning style so that you can build his or her learning around it
  • Learn exactly what to do when a child has lost interest in learning etc