19 Nov

Discover the Two Secrets that Can Improve Your Child’s Performance by 300% in Maths This Term by Just Reading This Article

Discover the Two Secrets that Can Improve Your

Child’s Performance by 300% in Maths This

Term by Just Reading This Article


Even when they do well in other subjects, no parent is happy when his child comes home with a poor grade in Maths.

When a child comes home with a poor grade in Maths, it is an indication of something terrible. It is not something a serious parent should toy with: it is a problem that requires urgent solutions.

When a child cannot pass Maths, he may not be able to gain admission into good schools of his or her choice.

Top schools are very selective. They prefer children with a good background in Maths. To be sure that the child is good at Maths, most schools usually conduct their own test for the new intakes before admitting them.

Most children are good at English. The problem is usually this Maths. My daughter would not have been able to pass her Common Entrance Examination if not for these two secrets I am about to show you.

It was just one month to her Common Entrance exams that we discovered that she was not as strong in Maths as her school report cards have made us believe (I must let you know that report cards may be quite misleading).

What can we do? The time was too short. Home lesson teacher was obviously out of the equation, time was too short for such luxurious teaching. I came to a conclusion to help my daughter by myself.  But there was another challenge. Time!

I run a very tight schedule. I do not have the luxury of time to teach her. Do you know what I did?

I took their Maths syllabus, I checked through and grouped the topics. I got a whiteboard into my office and started teaching the topics one after the other and sent the recorded video to my wife’s phone to use with my daughter.

My wife is not very strong at Maths but she mastered lots of Maths concepts she has missed in her elementary levels while going through my recorded Maths Videos on her phone with her daughter. That was it!

My daughter loved it. My wife loved it too. They never knew Maths could be that fun and easy. I used a lot of Maths tricks and games in the Video. Within two weeks, I have done 20 topics. Within one Month, my daughter’s performance in Maths has improved by 300%, she was more than ready for the Common Entrance Exams.

As for my wife, that singular act turned her to a Home Lesson Maths teacher. When she discovered a new approach to Maths. She decided to help other children with it.

Now the secrets

I suspect you would have seen it in the story but if you have not, I will show you. The secret is MAKING MATHS FUN.

With the video, I re-introduce Maths to my daughter. I taught Maths in a way that is different from the way they have been teaching her in the class. I used tricks and Games. That was it. My daughter fell in love with the NEW Maths approach.

The second secret is that SHE DID A LOT OF PRACTICE QUESTIONS. After each video, I loaded her with a lot of question. The Mum made sure she goes through her Common Entrance Past Questions Manual looking for a related question from the topic just watched.

We offered her (my daughter) N100 per questions she got right from the past questions and N50 for the ones she got right from her textbook.  She made N500 one day like that.

Well, that was the end of Maths Challenges for my daughter. She has fallen in love with Maths. She runs on her own now.

I have given the videos to other parents to try out with their children and the results have been great.

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