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This is urgent. Every parent must do something about this now before TV renders our children useless in life

It is holiday time and the only thing most children do at this period is watching TV.

The question is how healthy is TV to our children’s success in life?

As parents, we urgently need to regulate and control our children’s engrossment with TV. Many children with great potentials for academic success are not doing well in their studies simply because of their attachment to TV.

Some children have become morally bankrupt,  while many have become extremely rude and violent all thanks to TV programs that portray promiscuity and violence as normal.

A lot of parents allow their children to watch just anything on television and cables as long as it is entertaining. They probably believe that, if it’s not healthy, it will not pass National Films and Censors’ Board scrutiny (NFCB). They forget that many government agencies have failed us and the National Film and Censors’ Board is not an exception.

Television has rendered many children ineffective in learning. Many children with great future are on a daily basis being rendered less effective because of their attachment to TV programs, soap opera, DSTV, and other cable networks.

Whenever a child is brought to me on consultancy on the ground of poor performance in his or her studies, four out of five of the cases, once I gave the parents the instruction to regulate the TV involvement of the child, the child’s performance will pick up by 20%.

The effects of television on our kids are obvious; absent-minded kids, highly forgetful kids, rude kids, loose kids, etc. The effect is expected to be worse in the years to come.

One of the conclusive studies on this subject was conducted by Dr. Leonard D. Aaron. He examined a group of children at age three and then again at nineteen and finally at thirty.

Children in the United States, Australia, Africa, Finland, Israel, and Poland were studied. The outcome was the same; the more frequently the participants watch X-rated films or violent television at the age of eight, the more likely they were to be wayward or to be convicted of crimes by age thirty.

I honestly do not understand why so many parents fail to supervise what their kids watch on TV. They allow strangers on TV to imprint all sorts of things in the blank minds of their children.

Parents, let me ask you a question at this juncture, suppose a complete stranger came to your door and said ‘please allow us to quickly make love in your sitting room or at least a romance, in the presence of your kids,’ would you allow it? I doubt if many would say “great idea, come in”. But you allow this act right in the center of your living room when you allow your kids to watch soap opera and films with sexual contents.

A popular American television superstar once admitted that her waywardness is rooted in her childhood television engrossment. She vowed that her kids shall be guided.

My posture in this article should not be taken as a campaign against TV. But I believe it is time for parents to control the amount and the content of television that their children are watching. The consequence of not doing so can be catastrophic.

We should not allow our children to be tutored by the celebrities on the TV. There is more to their lives than the celebrated features we see on TV.

How to Regulate Our Children Involvement with TV

Make them Understand why controls have to be placed on the content and quantity of their TV watching.

Make them live a goal-driven life. When your child has a goal in view, and he or she is determined to achieve his/her goal, it won’t be difficult for him/her to do away with TV.

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We must as a matter of urgency control the content and the quantity of TV our children are exposed to. TV is highly addictive and it must be controlled so that it doesn’t corrode our children’s destiny and potentials.

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